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Professional Cleaning Services For S.E. MA and N.E. RI
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About The Cleaning Lady, Inc.:
  • Privately Owned, Non-Franchised, Registered Massachusetts Cleaning Corporation
  • 10+ Years Providing Quality and Fairly Priced Cleaning Service to S.E. Massachusetts and N.E. Rhode Island
  • Owner has 20+ Years Experience in Service Industry
  • Owner Has BSBA in Business Administration and Environmental Sciences
  • Member of Multiple Professional Cleaning Service Associations
  • Better Business Bureau Member in Excellent Standing, No Complaints Filed
  • Cleaning Service Provided to Hundreds of Homeowners and Businesses in Massachusetts
  • Cleaning Services Currently Provided to Properties in Excess of $100 Million in Real Value
  • In Excess of 300,000 sq. ft. Cleaned on Regular Maintenance Schedule

What We Provide:
  • House Cleaning and Maid Service for Residential Property Cleaning
  • Janitorial and Office Cleaning Service for Commercial Properties
  • Commercial and Industrial Building Service Contract Cleaning
  • Cleaning Supplies, Materials and Equipment Provided
  • Local, State and Federal Requirements for Operating a Safe and Legitimate Business are Enforced
  • Fully Insured (Worker's Compensation, $1,000,000 Liability, Bonded)
  • Certificates of Insurance and References Available for Review
  • Fully Trained, Professional, Legal, Insured and Bonded Cleaning Technicians
  • Cleaning Technicians Have Full U.S. Criminal Background Checks and 9 Panel Drug Screenings
  • Scheduled Cleanings Assigned Same Time, Day and Cleaning Technician(s)
  • Highest Paid Cleaning Professionals in Area
  • Unique Reward Systems Ensure Quality of Service for Customer and Job Satisfaction for Employees

Better Systems for a Better Cleaning Service
The Cleaning Lady, Inc., is a Member of the House and Commercial Cleaning Alliance and applies the Cleaning Alliance's systems for managing keys, scheduling, training, evaluations, and time management. This allows The Cleaning Lady, Inc., to provide better cleaning services for you and your home or business.
KEY MANAGEMENT: As customers of The Cleaning Lady, Inc., know, we are very particular about key management. The Cleaning Lady, Inc., has always used the Cleaning Alliance's key management system, because it represents the industry standard when it comes to controlling keys for our customer's property. Keys are coded with a Letter and Number (e.g., V-4). A customer's name, address or other personal information is never labeled or issued with a key. The keys are then kept in a locked box in our alarmed office. Key codes are taken off the premises at the end of each work day and remain secured off site. In over 10 years of business, The Cleaning Lady, Inc., has never once lost or had a key stolen!
SCHEDULING: The Cleaning Lady, Inc., relies on real-time, internet based interactive systems provided by the Cleaning Alliance to schedule your particular cleaning service assignment and track employee service times by that assignment. This allows us to provide you with more dependable and consistent service. Staff are able to sign in and check their schedule, and changes if any, to determine their equipment requirements, travel routes, hours worked that day, week or pay period.
TRAINING: In addition to traditional on-the-job training, The Cleaning Lady, Inc., uses professionally developed, independent 3rd party, interactive online training systems. Each cleaning technician must pass a total of 20 different exams in order to qualify for certification. Our cleaning technicians are required to pass each exam prior to using their newly acquired skills in the field for that specific area. The Cleaning Lady, Inc., has found this results in lower damages, lower potential liability risks and lower possible worker compensation claims. Cleaning service professionals trained in the manner of which The Cleaning Lady, Inc., utilizes, are more consistent and provide an overall better customer experience.

EVALUATIONS: Regarding employee evaluations, The Cleaning Lady, Inc., evaluates all cleaning technicians regularly, and on an ongoing basis, without exception. Our Executive, Administrative and Supervisory Staff all use various modules of our internet based, real-time Human Resources Software designed specifically for the cleaning service industry. This allows us online pharmacy no prescription to efficiently sort and counsel employees. In terms of catalysts, we have found no better means of ensuring that we continuously improve our service. The Cleaning Lady, Inc., ensures that customer satisfaction is our #1 goal, and one of the best objectives to achieve that goal is to ensure employee satisfaction as well. Proper training, supervision and evaluation provides that means.

TIME MANAGEMENT: The Cleaning Lady, Inc., prepares a work order for each assignment, which is refreshed as needed, ensuring each customer's unique and individual needs and expectations are met. This allows our Administrative Staff, Team Leaders and Cleaning Technician(s) assigned to your account, to best manage the time, staffing, supplies and equipment needed to complete their assignments. In addition to saving time, the proven real-time internet based system used by The Cleaning Lady, Inc., has proven to save expenses as well. That savings is then able to be passed on to our customers.

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